Bringing in Bands

We have six people on staff, but we do not have a worship leader.  For our first ten weeks, we’ve been bringing in bands like Tenth Avenue North.  We’re doing this for a many reasons.

1. It allows us to have high quality from day one.  Excellence is a value.
It has allowed us to focus on overall organization, children’s ministry
and getting volunteers into key places.  I think this showed at our
first preview service.
3. It has given us time to find out what kind of equipment we need and want in the theater. 
4. It is giving us time to develop our own internal worship band.
5. It will show our people and our community what kind of music we are going to have
6. It’s going to let our people assume leadership without a deadline, so when it happens, we will be ready.
7. Good music attracts good musicians.

I know a lot of church planting stuff says find a worship leader
right away.  And while this might be true for some, it’s not true for
all.  For us, the only other full time person we have on our team right
now is  overseeing small groups.  We’re going
to have systems in place to connect people…this is important to us.
We can buy quality music for a while, but you can’t buy that.


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