The Goal of Sunday

read a great book called Church Marketing 101 by Richard Reising
(review to come soon).  Here’s a great quote:

"I am convinced of one thing.  If members walk out of your service
saying, "I wish my unsaved friend had been here," they will start to
think about inviting their friend."

I had no idea who would show up to our first servides.  I didn’t set a numbers goal.  I don’t think our church will ever set
attendance goals.  But one of my goals is to have a
service that makes people think, "I wish I had invited so-and-so."  If
they think that…they will invite them next time.

If we have to beg, plead, or bribe our people to invite
people…then we’re doing something wrong.  We’re going to concentrate
on making the service good, the atmosphere inviting, and exceed
expectations.  We’re going to put on a service that’s worth inviting
people to!


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