Yard Signs

A couple people have asked me about the signs we put up for Oak Leaf.  We got 100 one sided, two color yard signs from these guys
(for about $3 each) and put them around town before our first preview
service.  Then we picked them up and put them back out last weekend.
It was a pretty inexpensive way to spread the word and generate some
buzz.   They are not as effective now because of the political signs,
but I think it was a good thing.  And hey, I’ve noticed a couple other
churches putting out signs now, so when you’re getting copied, I guess
that’s a good thing! 🙂  Here are a couple of my thoughts on the signs
for you pastors and planters.

1.  We were not trying to communicate information, simply go for recognition.  When someone invites them, or they get a doorhanger or a mailout or a balloon, we want something to jog their memory.
2.  We want people to see the red leaf.
3.  People can’t drive past a sign and write down a phone number, so we only give a web address.
We’re obviously trying to play up the movie theater angle, since that’s
the one thing that automatically makes us difference from every other
church in town.
5.  It’s best to put them out and take them up.
We also moved them around town a bit.  If you leave it in the same
place, people quit paying attention.  You’ll get more bang for your
buck this way.
6.  A lot of people in Cartersville have seen the
signs and told me.  We had people that came to our first preview
service as the result of these signs.  I think it was a good


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