Okay, I think it was actually 299.  But this was the number of people that came to Oak Leaf this morning.  It was our highest attendance to date, even bigger than our grand opening. 

We’re not a numbers driven church, but we do count.  We want to know how many people are there so we can create additional kids classes, add services, etc.  I believe people showing up is a sign (just one) that God is up to something.  I keep tract of attendance patterns and offering patterns.  There’s a difference between being numbers focused, and using numbers as a measuring stick.  Attendance and giving are easy numbers to track, but how many people are connected in groups and how many people are inviting others are even better measuring sticks.

For the first 11 weeks, we’ve averaged 232 people.  I never set any attendance goals (I can’t stand "high attendance days"), but I’m very happy that people seem to be coming to Oak Leaf and connecting with God and others.  When people ask me what we’re doing, I generally respond…"trying not to screw up."  We do work hard, but in the end, God is the one who grows the church.

I truly think God is up to something @ Oak Leaf, and we’re glad to be along for the ride.


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