The Sermon isn’t the Message

I’ve come to realize this over the years, and seen this principle at work the last couple of weeks.  Most people think that the sermon is the message for the day.

But in reality, the message is everything that your Sunday morning experience communicates to people.  We begin Sunday planning by listening to God, and then answering this question "what one thing to we want to communicate to our people this week."  Then we build the music, video, graphics and the message around that.  The message is one element in the service.  The sermon is part of the overall message.  The message that you’re sending or giving people starts in your lobby, or even in the parking lot.

During our current series called Mythbusters, we set up scaffolding outside and on the stage.  We put greeters in hardhats.  Then for the particular myth "Jesus is my best friend," we wanted to communicate the greatness of God.  I talked about worshipping God with fear and awe.  We used pictures of the universe.  We sang "Indescribible" and "How Great is our God" during a worship set after the talk.  We gave people a picture of a spirial galazy with a Bible verse printed on it.  We used a video called "That’s my King."  We worked hard to make sure every element communicated the message.  Because the message is not just the sermon.


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