A few weeks ago, we started gathering all our volunteers together – set up team, host team, kids workers, band people, basically everyone in the building – for a short prayer time.  We meet in the lobby of the theater and just ask God to bless the service that day.  We pray for those making their way to church.  We ask God to use our efforts.  I also have a couple of minutes to thank everyone for helping.  This little time has done a couple of things:

1.  It’s giving us some prayer time.  Little prayers 3 minutes before the service are no good.  We pray before any people are there and we aren’t really rushed.

2.  Our volunteers stand there and see all the other volunteers.  Kids workers see that they are not all alone with a three year old.  They look in the faces of all the other people who have bought into serving.

3.  I get a couple of minutes to communicate anything important to our core people.  I don’t do announcement stuff, but if there is something big that pertains to everyone, I have a platform to communicate that.

It’s a pretty simple thing, that works well for us.   Do you guys do anything similar to this?  What works for you?


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