Inspirie a Giving Culture

By far one of the coolest moments in our short history was about a month ago.  We learned about the wells in Rwanda project at Catalyst the past couple of years, and we decided this was something that we could get our hands around.  $3,000 builds a well for a village in Rwanda.

So we took some of the Catalyst footage and created a little video to show our people.  After the video, I stood on the stage and said, "Now this is when you begin to reach for your wallets, but we’re not going to do that today.  See, you guys have already given.  Because you guys have been faithful to give and support the mission of this church, we’ve already sent them a check.  If you’ve ever put a dime in the offering buckets, you had a part in building a well in Rwanda."

Our people clapped and it was very cool.  We set aside 10% of everything that’s given to give away to other organizations and church plants and missionaries.  I think by doing that, we’re letting our people know that’s it not just about us.  It’s more than building a church here.  We want to be a giving church made up of giving people.  So we set the bar.


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