Partnering with Other Churches

Oak Leaf Church is praying about a church plant that we can partner
with.  I’m not sure all that partnering means, but for us, it includes
sending a mission team to the same place on a regular basis.  We’d love
for that to be reciprocated.  From the beginning, we want to be
involved in what God is doing all over the place.  We’re not going to
wait around until we’re established to get involved in missions and
support church plants.  We’re praying and searching for a church plant
in a US city somewhere, as well as a country that we can "adopt." Our criteria is:

  • It has to be a place we can get to easily.  I don’t want to take a boat, train, and a camel.  Not yet anyway.  We need it to be a cost effective place for us to get to. 
  • We want to speak English.
  • We want there to be a real need that we can meet.  I’m sorry if this doesn’t seem spiritual, but when looking at a mission trip, if I see the words "prayer walk" that’s code "we really don’t have much for you to do."

Do you know of a church plant that is knocking it out of the park, or
has a team that is about to knock it out of the park?  Do you know of a particular ministry in a country that is doing some good stuff?  If so, let me


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  1. Elijah Chester on

    hey!…ever find a church to partner with? I’m on staff with Tadd Grandstaff (Pine Ridge Church).

    We are starting on Sept 9th, Burlington, NC…one of THE most church populated, and yet Spirit-thirsty communities I’ve ever seen.

    Not one church is truly trying to reach the unreached. I mean that. They are all doing “contemporary” like it’s still 1995!!

    We’ve started our core team, and thought you might want to chat w/ Tadd.

    His name (Tadd Grandstaff), email (

    Anyway, love your stuff!!

    becoming real,
    Elijah Chester
    programming pastor

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