Startup Costs

We launched on August 20, 2006.  From January 1 to August 20, we basically spent about $50,000.  I asked our fantastic financial person to give me a rough breakdown.

  • Computers and trailers  $15,000
  • Advertising (mostly mailouts and road signs done right before preview services) $11,000
  • Children’s Ministry  Stuff (portable supplies, Kidmo curriculum) $3,000
  • Communications (web design, handouts, etc.) $1,500
  • Hospitality (lots of coffee supplies for Sunday, and food for some special events) $2,000
  • Insurance $1,400 (general liability insurance and some other stuff)
  • Bands and Equipment (mainly lights) $4,200
  • Postage (lots of support raising letters) $1,060
  • Programming $1000
  • Rent (2 preview services and office space) $4,500
  • Miscellaneous $1000
  • Office Equipment and Supplies (including database software) $3500
  • Utilities $700

We didn’t spend a lot of money on sound stuff, because we brought in bands.  And we have a guy in our church that has an amazing sound rig.  I recognize that this is not normal.  Had Brad not come along, we probably would have rented stuff for a couple of months instead of spending money we didn’t have.  Since the launch, we’ve purchased more equipment and "Sunday stuff".  I chose to rent office space because I have young kids and just can’t work at home.  It worked for us.  Salaries weren’t included here since that was all support. 

I give out all this open source information to let you know what one church plant really spent getting off the ground.  This wasn’t our budget…it’s what we actually spent.  There are things there like insurance and postage and food costs that I would have never guessed right on the front end.


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