Where did we get startup money?

Several folks have asked were we got our startup money.  Great question.  It came from a variety of sources.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Our denomination provided about $5,000 in start up money.
  • A couple of churches gave us some money.  One church plant actually sent us a check for $2,000.  That was absolutely amazing.
  • One church gave us $5,000 as a part of a special offering.
  • Our launch team (about 20 families) began giving.  This was so key.
  • In June and July, we took up an offering at our preview services, which totaled about $6,000.
  • I put some of my personal support in the general fund.

We did not have a bunch of large gifts.  The one church gift of $5,000 was the largest.  Even though I asked churches, most said that their budgets were strapped and offered to pray for us.  I asked everybody I knew to support the mission of the church and a lot of people sent money.  It really is the power of a bunch of people rallying behind a cause. 

I was amazed when we added up how much we spent leading up to launch, because I honestly didn’t think it was that much .   


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