2007 Teaching Calendar

I spent the last month really praying and thinking about what to teach about in 2007, and the result is our 2007 Teaching calendar.  We go ahead and lay out all the series for 2007, because we want to be strategic in what we teach. 

I think it’s a balanced schedule.  We’re going to do 2 Bible book studies, a character study, and an internal series about the church.  We’re going to talk about parenting, sex and finances – three important issues.  We’re going to do a big series in the fall about Issues and cover things like abortion, homosexuality, drinking and racism.  The teaching calendar reflects what we want people to know (our six core teachings).  There are breaks in between some of the series where we will bring in guests.  And we will not determine the book to study until later on, so we can prayerfully choose something that fits.  We schedule in the flexibility.  We don’t have graphics and titles for all the series yet either.  And of course, if God leads, we’ll call an audible.

A teaching calendar allows our entire team tons of time to pray and research and notice ideas that will fit with these series.  I know that 9 months from now I am going to do a message on homosexuality, so I can pay attention to things.  I don’t have a week to prepare…I have months.  And our entire team can contribute because they will know where we are going.  Putting together this teaching schedule is one of the most challenging things and rewarding things I do.

Download PDF version

Download EXCEL version


3 comments so far

  1. Stephen on

    Oops. Your calander says 2006 all over. Isn’t that finished? Did I miss something? 🙂


  2. Scott on


    Thanks for sharing. I’m always looking for ideas for my sermon calendar. If you’d like to look at mine, send me an email and I’ll shoot you my ’06 calendar.

  3. michael on

    stephen…sorry, it’s fixed. gotta love that automatic date feature in excel. 🙂

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