Combined Efforts

We’ve grown by 120 people in the last couple of weeks, having passed the 400 mark for the first time this past Sunday.  OLC is about five months old, and we’ve grown steadily nearly every month.  In January, we had our biggest boom yet.

I think it was due to the combination of four things:

  • The new year.  People naturally decide to go back to church or look for a church.
  • A direct mail.  These seem to work for us.  We sent out quite a few of them.
  • A new service.  We added a 9 AM service to go along with the 10:15 service.  This was a great time to launch the new service.
  • God is up to something.  Never discount the hand of God.  When God is at work, people show up.  Growth like this isn’t normal, and God is definitely working here in Cartersville.

I would highly recommend that you combine efforts and plan for growth at a strategic time.  The new year is a great time to add another service.  Don’t just put one iron in the first, take a strategic look and pull out more than one stop.  When you combine efforts like this, you generate buzz and create momentum. Maybe you don’t need the one big thing, but a combination of three separate things.


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