Growth Questions

OLC is five months old.  Though I worked for about a year behind the scenes, we’ve only had worship services for five months.  For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had over 400 people attend one of our two services.  In the five months, we’ve averaged 13% growth each month, growing in every month except December.  The growth has really happened faster than I thought it would. 

And since you really need to act like you’re twice your size, our team is now restructuring as if we were a church of 800. What works for a couple hundred of people, doesn’t work at the next level.  And as a staff team, we have to all be on the same page and prepared for what God is going to do. This weekend, we’re going to do a one day staff retreat to look at plans for growth.  We’re going to tackle ten questions.  They are:

  1. How can we encourage more people to attend the first service?
  2. Can we create an overflow area in another theater for the 2nd service?
  3. What is our next step meeting location and when would that happen?
  4. What are we going to do for Easter?
  5. What does the overall organizational flow chart look like?  What does a flow chart for each ministry look like?
  6. If people have to wait to get into a JG at the next GroupLink, what other alternatives for connections do people have?  Is GroupLink the most effective way for getting people connected to a Journey Group?
  7. What are our available volunteer positions, and out of that master list, what are the KEY positions?
  8. How are we communicating with our people?  How do we communicate just the information that people need to those particular groups of people?
  9. How are we going to reach more unchurched people?
  10. Are we really counting duplicate people accurately?


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