Where We Get Stuff

I know there’s a lot of places to get stuff, but here’s a couple places we found.

T-Shirts:  Bargain Tees.
You can get white t-shirts with one color ink for about $3.  And
there’s no setup or screen charges.  Black shirts with 2 colors are
about $5.  Minimum order is 96.

Printing:  We primarily use JakPrints, NetPrint24 and PSPrint.
JakPrints has good prices on all kinds of stuff.  We get postcards from
NetPrint24, who seem to have the best prices we’ve found (and they are
super fast).  And we get invite cards,
digital banners and digital color copies (for short run things that you
want in full color with a full bleed…say like 100 brochures or
registration forms) from PSPrint.

Equipment:  We order a lot of sound stuff from Sweetwater.   Good service and good prices.

Direct Mail:  We usually work directly with the post office and make
use of the route carriers and our bulk mail permit.  But if we want to
mail to specific addresses, I’ve used Mailing Edge for several projects.  Always good prices and service.

Design Work:  We do most of our stuff in house, but we have outsourced some recent stuff to o2 Graphic Design.   They did the postcard and website for our upcoming sex series.  They are affordable and always meet our deadlines.


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  1. Brian Bridges on

    Question on software. What kind of Church Mgt Software do you use? We will be a new plant in January 2008 and I would like to know what you have tried (web based or other) and what you are using.

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