Photos of Setup

Look in the sidebar to see a few pictures of our Sunday morning setup.  Here’s a few tidbits to guide you on your way:

  • The crew gets there around 6 AM.  The first service begins at 9 AM.  We’ve got some amazing guys and girls on this team.
  • We setup a full stage, a couple different light trees, and a very nice sound system.
  • We have 6 ellipsoidal lights and 16 PAR cans.  And a serious amount of extension cords.
  • We use our own projector and project onto the movie screen.
  • We set up an Information Table, and put brochures, do registrations, etc.  We also have a representative from different ministries there to answer questions in person.
  • We set up a Resource Table and sell T-shirts, messages on CD, and a few other things.  This month, we’re selling copies of "Sheet Music."
  • We serve Starbucks Coffee in lobby.  We order all the stuff from a local distributor.
  • The Kids area is called "KidVenture."
  • We set up a bunch of banners and signs inside and outside the theater, including a sign out on the road, two big banners hanging from the front of the theater, and a bunch of signs in the lobby.
  • It takes us about 45 minutes to clear the theaters before they start showing movies.
  • We run the adult service from two Mac Book Pros and a simple Edirol video mixer. 


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