General Update

I had the opportunity to visit a small group from our sponsoring church who will be praying for us.  I gave them a little overview of where we’ve been and some prayer requests.  I thought I would post that here as well.  I began with a little timeline.

May 2005: Moved to Cartersville from Arkansas
August 2005: Began working @ Westridge as a church planting intern
October 2005: Held an Informational Meeting at a hotel with 5 families attending
November 2005: Small Group Formed and went through a short Bible study
January 2006: Launch Team Formed and started meeting on Sunday nights
June 2006: First Preview Service – 180 people present
July 2006:  Second Preview Service – 240 people present
August 20, 2006:  Grand Opening – 280 people present
October 2006:  First Staff Retreat, Broke 300 barrier
January 2007:  Began Second Worship Service
February 2007: First Baptism Service
March 4, 2007: Nearly 500 people in attendance
March 2007:  Began church planting partnership with Network35 and Westridge


  • We are actively looking for a family pastor to join our staff team.  This would be the third full time pastor on staff.
  • We are praying about launching a second venue inside the movie theater, with live worship and video teaching.
  • We are meeting with the city school board and The Grand Theater in town to attempt to get them to change their standing policies to rent to organizations on an ongoing basis.
  • There are about 60,000 people within 10 miles of us that do not go to church at all.  We really want to reach out to these people.
  • For all of our people to stay focused on God’s vision.


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