Launching Large – Part 3 of 3

1)    Be everywhere you can be.

“Intelligent people are always open to new ideas.  In fact, they look for them.” – Proverbs 18:17

Partner with community events; don’t reinvent the wheel.  We look for things that are already happening in our community that we can just hop on board with.

Our downtown area does downtown trick or treating. So instead of being gay and boycotting Halloween, we went downtown and gave out candy and helium balloons.  All the little demons and spidermans were walking around with our church logo.

Our city does a big 4th of July festival in the park.  Instead of doing our own block party, we just took a free moonwalk there and talked to people while their kids jumped around.  Last year, we met a guy that now serves on our setup team and sets up lights each week.

Last Easter, we did some Easter Egg hunts in local neighborhoods.  It wasn’t a huge event, but something that we did for my own neighborhood.

We call up schools and ask them what we could do.  A few months ago, an elementary school asked us to bring our moonwalk to their Breakfast with Santa.  It was a great way to do something nice for a local public school.

Get a community calendar.  Talk to the people at the Chamber of Commerce.  Call schools and ask what they need.  You don’t have to do your own thing all the time…you can make other stuff better.

2)    Develop a system to keep quests.   

Everybody is a guest at first.  Once they come to your church once, you want them to come back.  So work hard on developing your system, and make sure you stick to it. 

We call all first time guests.
We send them an e-mail from the church.
We send them a hand written note.

Ask people if they have any questions.  Let them volunteer.  We don’t ask our greeters to go through 12 weeks of greeter training and submit their tax records.  I don’t even require that they be a Christian.  I know that if they get around our people, they will see Jesus.  They will meet a need and get to know some great people.  They stay because they are wanted and needed.

Toot your own horn. 

There are enough Ed Youngs out there.  I don’t want to be Andy Stanley.  I don’t want to preach his messages.  I am very passionate about this.

We borrow graphics, videos, and ideas, but never messages.  I think that’s lazy.  I work very hard every week on my messages.

The main reason is this:  I have something to say.  I know a lot of people make their stuff available, and that’s cool.  I will read through some of it to spur on ideas, but I will not teach somebody elses outline or content.  I may use a story or an idea, but I believe that God has to give me a message for my people.  I’m not looking to for something to say.  That has to come from God, or I should just go home and play videos for the sermon.

“Let your wife worry about you clothes. Buy books and study. We don’t need any more well-dressed, hip, funny, heretics. Who cares how you say it if what you’re saying is wrong?” – Matt Chandler


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