Service Recap 4.1.07

April 1 was the first Sunday of spring break here in Cartersville, but we still had a great Sunday.   

Music:  The band kicked off the service with My Generation, then played Everlasting God (Lincoln Brewster version), Our God Reigns (Tomlin), Blessed Be Your Name, and Shine Your Light (a Will Goodwin original). 

Message:  John Evans, a friend of mine
from Orlando, taught for me.  John talked about loving God and loving others, which is Jesus’s own summary of all the commands.  He did a great job, and I would highly
recommend him to you.  He’s a full time speaker.  You can listen to the
podcast by going to

Stats:  There were 400 people in attendance today, down a little bit because of Spring Break.  We are looking forward to our first Easter as a church, and have been hard at work promoting Easter @ the Movies.

Here’s a word version of our program order, showing the breakdown, timing, transitions, video cues, etc.  Download olc_040107.doc


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