Service Recap 4.15.07

We began a new three-part series today called "Click" by talking about PLAY.

Music:  King (Tree 63), Let us Adore Him, Tears of the Saints (Leeland) and Mighty to Save (Hillsong).

Highlights:  We challenged people to get involved and go invite.  It was a challenge to take the task of building the church seriously and personally.  It’s not what we get out of it, but what we bring to it.  We talked about puzzle pieces and I Corinthians 12.  We concluded the service by talking about the thousands of people we know that are disconnected from God.  We then wrote all the names down on four large canvasses placed around the theater.  People came forward to write the names of friends, co-workers and family members.  We challenged them to do whatever it takes to get people to church on the 29th when we present the gospel.  If this sounds familiar, Perry did this recently.  We just can’t write on the walls of the movie theater.  While people were writing, the band played Tears of the Saints and we played this video.

Stats:  There were 474 people at church this morning, which was only 50-75 people less than Easter last week!  The second service was packed and we had to bring out chairs from the birthday room.  We still have some room at the 9:00 service.


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  1. Paul Taylor on

    Hey, Just discovered your blog and church. I lived in Cartersville as a kid, dad taught at Cartersville High for several years. Rest of my childhood was down the street in Roe, GA. I am a church planter in Cincinnati, OH and love the Click idea for sermon series. I noticed you post a lot of series resources, do you have any for this one? Thanks!

    Paul Taylor
    Lead Pastor | Rivers Crossing Community Church

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