I wanted to write a few thoughts on staffing, as we’re going through some of this stuff right now. I moved here to start the church myself. We hired our first staff person a few months before our first preview. We’ve had a combination of us, and some part time and some volunteer staff over the past 8 months. Here are some lessons learned and what we’re currently learning.

1. In the beginning, you do everything. I am slowly getting to the point where I can focus on what I do best, which will be the best for our church as well.

2. We had some voluntteer staff early on. I think I would have guarded that a little more closely, for our benefit and the other peoples. Instead of making volunteer staff a regular part of the team, I would not have been so free with the titles. We had staff meetings at night so volunteer staff could participate and this may not have been best. I should have processed what it means to be on staff at OLC a little more before bringning people in.

3. People that help in the beginning may or not be the people that will help you go to the next level. This is no knock on any person, it’s just the facts. Things grow and change fast. When you’re starting out, you don’t really have any idea what to expect.

4. We are to the point now where I cannot hire any project people. We need people with proven leadership experience and ability. I can’t do student ministry though another person. (just an example).

5. Leadership ability, a work ethic and a walk with God are more important to me than college or seminary training.

6. People need clear understanding of their roles. I didn’t do a good enough job in advance defining roles and helping people understand how they fit in. Everybody doesn’t have access to all the same information. Everybody doesn’t get an equal say, even in a team setting.

7. We’re looking for a full time children’s person and an administrative assistant right now. We’re getting close.

8. We’re realizing that paying for staff has got to be a priority. I think we can get by without some things, but we need to get hard working staff here to lead all our volunteers. I’d rather cut back a lot of the small things to get the right staff here.

9. In a few months, our staff will be: lead pastor, admin pastor, connections pastor (volunteers and groups), children’s pastor, admin assistant, and worship leader. With a few tweaks, that setup will help us grow to 1,000.

10. Staff has to work hard. We’re about to load up job descriptions. The right people can handle it and will empower volunteers to help out.


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  1. Henry Judy on

    Man this is a RICH post. We are getting ready to hire our first staff and learning from you is amazing. You are where we will be in the future. I thank you for helping to pave the way for this movement we are part of.
    Henry Judy

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