Stuff for Sale

Eight months into our church plant, we’re clearing out some stuff we no longer use. Before going to eBay, I thought I would offer here on the blog to other church planters or churches or otherwise cool people.

1. 6×14 single axle trailer. Bought in 2006 – so it’s only 6 months old (we use a pod now so we no longer need). $2600. Very nice.
2. A bunch of Kidmo’s. Cost $250. I’ve got Beefesians, Powerstack, and about four more. $100 each. Good children’s curriculum.
3. Digital Juice moving backgrounds (called Jumpbacks). Volumes 11, 8, 7, 1, 13, 28, 30 and 8 (which is HD). We just have way to many of these things. I think we paid about $50 each for 7 or 8 of them. $25 each if you want some. I’ve also got groovy stacks 7, juicedrops cleancuts2, xtragrunge, and poplife.

I’ll post some more stuff later when we actually finish sorting through it all. Check back soon or contact me through the blog if you’re interested.


7 comments so far

  1. Kevin Lloyd on

    I am very interested in some of this stuff. Especially the trailer. Can we chat some time next week.

    Kevin Lloyd

  2. Jim Reppart on

    Would like more details on the trailer.

  3. Matthew Starner on

    I’m interested in the Digital Juice Loops. Shoot me an email and let me know what’s available.

  4. Kevin on

    Howdy! I just found your blog today and saw this post. I’m a youth pastor out in Colorado and I’ve been wanting to add some moving graphics to our overall display. I’m really digging these jumpbacks, especially #28 and #30.
    Let me know…thanks!

  5. Anthony Foxworth on

    I am interested in the digital juices. Let me know what is still avaiable. Thanks!

  6. Mark on

    I may be interested in some of the Kidmo sets. What do you have?

  7. Rev Brown on

    hello, we are a small church starting out in charlotte nc, and we need all the supplys to start a church from pews to pulput. please call 704 400 8847. Thank you Rev Brown.

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