Other Communicators

We’re blessed to have a couple of guys on our team that can teach.  But I don’t just turn things over and ignore what happens.  This church isn’t built around me, so I don’t have to teach 52 weeks out of the year.  But on the weeks that I’m not teaching, I will help our guys do the best they can.  I’m ultimately responsible for everything that gets taught.  Here’s the email I just sent a couple of our guys who will be teaching some this summer during the "God @ the Movies" series.

Two weeks before the Sunday, I would like to see  your one main message idea, key scripture, and any key metaphor.  i really want  you to focus on communicating ONE THING.  Everything you say needs to back up the one driving principle or point.  If you have three points, then you’ll make no point.    I’m going to stay on your case about keeping it focused and simple.  I think my driving gift is teaching and I want to leverage that to help  you guys do the best job you can in communicating to this church.

One week before, I want to see your completed message.  Written out however you want it.  But everything needs to be there.  It needs to be your completed message, worked out like you were delivering it right then.  I am going to review it and make notes and comments.  I’m going to be as bad as your worst English teacher and mark it up.  Again, I want you to do the best you can do, so don’t get offended.  It’s my job to make sure we communicate clearly and effectively.  We get 52 weekends a year, and probably about 40 with even our most committed members to communicate for life change. 

Tuesday of that week, you’ll send your message notes and any related materials to Todd, who will create Keynote.  He’ll send that to you by Thursday so you can review it.  No changes after Thursday night.


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