How Volunteer Central Works

Our greatest asset on Sunday mornings is our team of volunteers.  People are drawn to our church for many reasons: Michael’s teaching, our incredible band, our “cool” location (most people in Cartersville have never heard of a church meeting in a movie theater), but the reason people keep coming back is our volunteer team.

We have over 150 volunteers that serve at least once a month on Sundays.  About 75 of those are serving on any given Sunday.  So that we can stay connected to our volunteers each week, we set up a volunteer check-in room called Volunteer Central, located in the tiny Birthday Room off one side of the lobby.

From an organizational standpoint, Volunteer Central allows us to know who is there and how many folks to deduct from the count for that day because they are there during both hours of ministry.  More importantly, Volunteer Central allows us to give a personal greeting to all of our volunteers, and lets us say “thanks for serving” every week.  Volunteers love it when they are known and appreciated.

I would say that I know by name, 90% of the volunteers who serve.  That’s a lot of people’s names to remember, but I love knowing their names because it allows me to personally thank them and encourage them. Here’s how it works:

We keep wo sets of volunteer rosters for workers to sign in – one for KidVenture volunteers (children’s ministry) and one for all the other volunteers.  We separated them out because KidVenture workers have special numbered lanyards for their area for security reasons. Each roster has the name of the volunteer (last name first) and where they serve.  There is a box to indicate if the volunteer will be at church during both hours of ministry and another box to indicate how many of their children will be at church during both hours.  There is also a box to update email addresses.

Kids teachers pick up their rolls, lead teachers pick up walkie-talkies, and every volunteer picks up a lanyard.  We give every volunteer a little half sheet of announcements – The Inside Scoop – with has extra announcements and insider information.

We open at 8:20 a.m. for volunteers to begin checking in.  We encourage all volunteers to check-in between 8:20 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.  This allows them to get in place before guests arrive.  We even expect those who serve during the 10:15 a.m. service to sign in that early.  We want them to attend the worship service during the hour they’re not serving, so they should be at church early anyway.

We have two separate tables for check-in: one for KidVenture volunteers and one for all other others.  The rosters stay in the same place each week, to avoid confusion. As people enter the room, we call them by name (if possible), say a quick encouraging word, make sure they get all the gear they need for that day (including gum) and thank them for serving.

Volunteers return lanyards, roll sheets, offerings from the children, and radios to Volunteer Central at the end of their hour of service.  Children’s volunteers check off that their lanyard was returned. At the end of the day, our Pastor of Administration takes the rosters and counts how many were at church during both hours of ministry.  He then deducts the number from the total count for the day, giving us our total attendance for the day.

We have found that Volunteer Central is a crucial part of the success of Sunday morning and integral part of encouraging our volunteers.

– Tim (Connections Pastor)


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