Simple and Streamlined

Our leaders don’t serve on committees…they volunteer on Sundays.  Our men’s ministry is the setup team.  Our women’s ministry are small groups, where women can go with their husbands if they have one.  We don’t need a flower committee, a motorcycle team or the latest Beth Moore resource to lead people to follow Jesus.

Come to church – bring a friend or neighbor.  Get involved in a small group – talk about God’s word and do something about it.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Serve somewhere.  It’s pretty simple.  That’s what we want people to do.

We don’t cater to the spiritual whiners who want more meat so they can just get fat.  I don’t care how much you know about the Old Testament if you don’t care that your neighbor is going to hell.   I say a sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to feed yourself anyway.  This church isn’t all about you.  We’re not going to be the buffet church that tries to do everything.  We’re simple.  We’re streamlined.  We’re focused.

I think most church plants try to do too much.  We did, too.  We tried to do youth ministry before we were ready and a monthly "believers service" before we should have.  But now, we’ll say no to everything, so we can say yes to the most important things.


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