Bulk Mailing

We’ve done about 7 or 8 different mailouts in our short history and wanted to answer some questions about how we do that.  There’s two ways that I would recommend.

1.  The first way, and cheapest, is to do what’s called a saturation mailout.  You’ll need your bulk mail permit, and you’ll want to go meet the person at your post office that handles the bulk mail.  But a saturation means that you give one card to every mailbox on a route.  You find out how many routes there are and how many boxes on each of those routes.  You’ll get trays from the post office and put a card in there for each box.  The mail carrier delivers one postcard to every box.  Instead of printing addresses on the card, you just print "Postal Customer."  Saturation rates are probably the cheapest rates you can get from the post office.

2.  The second way, which is what we’ve been doing lately, is to use a company like these guys.  They will print your card and send them out.  They can mail to a radius around an address or everybody in a certain zip code.  The last time, we figured it cost us a few hundred bucks more to have them take care of everything.  We paid them for printing and the address data, and paid the post office for the postage. 

Both of these methods have been pretty effective for us.  We never use stock, generic postcards from the postcard companies – we always design our own.  And we generally mail out to promote big days or the launch of "felt needs series."  Don’t spend money mailing something if it’s not cool.


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  1. Keith Watson on

    We are just in the planning stages of the church plant but have already worked up our first mailer. We opted for a Tuesday “Value Pac” – it isn’t a single piece mailer, it comes in a package with coupons and other info. According to stats they get a better response from this than the single piece mailer. We will be sending out to 10,000 households, and we’ll have 5,000 printed for distribution in downtown stores. They also did all of the design work – all for under $1,000. The pieces are 11 1/2 x 5, glossy, 60lb paper front and back – check it out at http://keithwatson.blogspot.com/2007/06/coming-soon-to-mailbox-near-you.html. They also provided me with more demographic info than I’ll use! You can contact them at ggrossman@mailsouth.com or http://www.glenngrossman.com/.

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