All Out

Every now and then, we pull out some extra stops for a service or a series.  Father’s Day was one of these times for us.  I did a stand alone message called "Dominate," which focused on the vision and heart of our church.  Here are some of the things we did to reinforce the sports theme for the morning.

  • We asked people to wear jerseys or sports shirts.
  • We had someone walking around "selling" peanuts.
  • We set up a putting contest in the lobby and gave away OLC logo golf balls if people made the putt.
  • We had a free throw contest outside the theater.
  • The band played eye of the tiger and we introduced the staff like a starting lineup.
  • We put green golf grass with yard markers on the stage, as well as another basketball goal.
  • We shot a basketball video to use during the welcome.
  • I talked about sports a lot in the message.
  • We created "Dominate" t-shirts and sold quite a few. 

Our creative team (made up of a lot of volunteers) came up with some good ideas.  While we do thematic things for every series, we determine some series or Sundays to be "A game."  We’ll do more for those series.  I recommend having three or four really big series each year…do more props, sets, etc. 


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