Gift Bags for Guests

We give all first time guests that come to Oak Leaf a gift bag.  I usually let them know this during the welcome.  We ask them to fill out the connection card and invite them to stop by the info table on the way out and pick up the gift bag.  Inside, we stick:

  • a candy bar or some other kind of sweet stuff
  • a message on CD, one of our "greatest hits"
  • an issue of relevant magazine (they give us month old issues for just the cost of shipping)
  • a book – 50 reasons why Jesus came to die by John Piper
  • a journey groups brochure – we do not load up the bag with propaganda from our church, but we give one clear next step item.
  • any current series invite cards that we may have

We put all this in a brown gift bag that we buy for about $.40 from Target or Hobby Lobby.  Actually, we just ordered 1,000 of them custom printed with our logo for about the same amount of money.  We used these folks. I think the money we spend on gift bags is money well spent, because it’s for our guests.  I believe it is one of the reasons guests return…because they know they are valued.


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  1. Mark on

    Maybe we can put some cd’s in there if the guy that does them will get busy and print some more…. oh wait, that is me…. oooopppsss. Well we have blanks now so we will have more this Sunday!

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