Getting Giving to Go Up

We’re certainly not fundraising experts, and I confess that I sometimes get jealous of guys that get a whole bunch of money to go plant churches.  I tell our people all the time that we are able to do what we do because a bunch of regular people, with regular jobs and regular mortgages, sacrificially give.

Our giving was averaging about $14 a person a week for the first 9 months or so.  For the last month or so, things have really picked up.  Even in the summer.  In fact, this last week was our biggest offering to date.  A month ago, I challenged our people to not be average in their giving as we wrapped up a money series.  And they have really answered the call.  I am proud of our church.

I also made some strategic decisions and tweaks in regards to giving and finances, and maybe they will be of help.

  • Occasionally, before we receive the offering, we’ll show a video like this one showing people where some of the money goes.  I think people want to trust the church, but it’s sometimes pretty hard.
  • I send a letter to everybody that gives for the first time.  Our finance person gives me a report and I send these out myself.  Here’s the letter.  Download first_time_giver.pdf
  • I write a hand-written thank you note to everybody that contributes more than $500.  I’ll often include a Starbucks or iTunes gift card just to say thanks.
  • We let people know that they can see our budget if they would like. We are an open-book organization.  To date, we’ve had exactly zero people ask for it.
  • We thank people for giving.  When we throw a volunteer hoe down, for example, I tell people that we’re able to throw the event for free because everyone is so faithful to give.
  • By far, the factor that I think contributes most to the uptick in giving, is that God is at work and there is a sense of excitement.  People do not want to throw money at a sinking ship.  They do, however, want to be a part of something that is effective.  People are seeing WINS, and that’s motivating.


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