Think Like A Business

Lots of pastors and church planters don’t want anything to do with the business world. “The church is not a business,” they say. And they are partly right. But the last time I checked, my church is a 501(c)3 corporation in the state of Georgia. We write paychecks. We have employees. We buy things. We have a bank account and a checkbook and a credit card. We enter into contracts with people. All things that businesses do each and every day.

Our church is a business. It’s not JUST a business, but it IS a business. And sound business principles can help.

I really recommend that you pay attention to some business blogs. Read marketing books. Buzz Marketing is a great book. Good to Great will help you. We get a lot of ideas on leadership and advertising from people that are not Christians. Don’t fall into the trap that thinking that advertising and marketing isn’t spiritual.

As a church, you need to think like a business. Learn how to interview, lead people, and budget. Christians don’t have the corner of the market on these things. Your church is a business, but it’s not JUST a business. All the principles won’t help if you’re not honoring God.


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