My Job Description

A while back, we took some time to write out our job descriptions, mine included. We tried to keep it simple. These documents are to help people stay focused on their main mission. I want our staff to become experts in their field. Used properly, job descriptions can be a great tool for staff evaluations, budgeting, and helping people accomplish their misison.

My job as lead pastor is to provide overall vision and leadership to this church and serve as the primary communicator. I don’t write the budget. I don’t pay the bills. I don’t run the children’s ministry. I focus on teaching for life change every week, and focus on leading the whole organization. Our Executive Pastor leads the lead team staff meeting, but I’ll lead the once a month, all staff meeting.

I am accountable to our Board of Directors, a group of people made up of other pastors who understand ministry and have a heart for the church in general and this church in particular. Anyway, for what it is worth, here is a Word document containing my actual job description. I’ll post some of the others on staff later. Download Michael’s Job Description.


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