Guest Follow Up

Each week, we have dozens of first time guests.  I think it is very important to follow up with these guests immediately, and in a variety of ways.  Here’s how we follow up with guests.

1.  The guest fills out a connection card.  We ask them to give us as much information as they feel comfortable sharing.

2.  The information gets entered into our database.  We use Fellowship One. The person who enters the data can assign various staff people or volunteers “contacts”

3.  I send an e-mail to everyone that provided an e-mail address.  I include a link to a short guest survey.

4.  Our Small Groups pastor personally calls every guest, usually within a day or two.  He answers any questions they might have, invites them to the next Partnership Class and lets them know about small groups.
5.  A volunteer sends a hand written note later that week just thanking them for coming and inviting them back to church.  This is a great way to involve volunteers that have an hour or two to work from home.

That’s three touches within the week.  We’re still tweaking the system so we can follow up with people later on to see if they truly got connected.


2 comments so far

  1. bleimone on

    Is the email a group general email or personal email?

  2. Michael on

    a personal e-mail. some cutting and pasting is included. 🙂

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