What We Don’t Do Well

I think it’s best to learn from other people’s mistakes, not your own.  And while I think we do a ton of things right here at OLC, not everything is perfect.  Yes, there were 619 people that attended church last week, and we’re less than a year old.  I think our services and our kids programs are great, but we’ve still made our share of mistakes.  Here’s two big areas that are kicking our butts right now.

1.  Small Groups.  We rolled out about 10 small groups right after we launched, but we haven’t  had much success since then.  We weren’t able to keep the momentum going after we started them, and we didn’t have a workable process for starting new groups or getting new people into groups quickly.  So, we’ve been pretty much coasting here and it’s hurting us.   Strong small groups will solve a lot of problems in a church, so we’re turning up the heat here heading into the fall.

2.  Giving.  I don’t think our giving is where it should be.  I’ve got lots of reasons and thoughts, but the bottom line is that it’s hard to do ministry without money.  I’m realizing that I need to talk about it more (not using guilt but using vision).  We did a series on money a month or so ago, but I know see what Bill Hybles means when he says to hit stewardship in every series.  We’re seeing a bunch of people come to church, but it’s going to take money to move to a bigger meeting location.  So, we’re trying to tackle this problem.  Our giving is about $14 per person, and we need that to go way up in order to dominate like we want to.


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