Counting Correctly

There are lots of methods for counting how many people are at your church, but may I offer two big suggestions.  Make sure you count honestly, and make sure you count consistently.

At OLC, we count butts in seats and kids in classrooms.  We don’t count adult teachers in KidVenture, because we assume they come to church and we count them there.  We count the total number of adults in each service, and add the total number of kids in classes, deduct a certain number (because we know there are a few preschoolers who attend more than one service), and arrive at our total.  I’m looking forward to transitioning our kids check in areas over to a computerized system, because that will help us be even more accurate.

It’s important to us not to fabricate our numbers, because we want to honestly evaluate.  Fake numbers, counting the band in ever service, or counting the same person more than one time, may get you invited to speak to some conferences, but it’s not going to help you make wise decisions in your church.

Make sure you’re counting correctly, and keep the same system in place from week to week, so you have accurate data to chart your course.


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  1. Jason Curlee on

    Funny…I had a pastor who counted all the sunday school in the first service numbers and then those same people were counted in second service numbers.

    How do I know??? I counted myself.

    I do have a question…what do you use an excel spreadsheet to look at your total numbers after they are totaled.

    I have been creating our own to track ours but would love to have a look at how someone else is doing it. We are 5 weeks in and I want to be able to look back and see everything.

  2. erickyp on

    We actually do both. I get a #of people that were in each service and I get the # of duplicates as well. We then subtract the duplicates to get the real attendance picture but I also need the accurate # of people in each service and classroom, etc. so we can make good decisions on space.

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