Why Start a Church

Here’s some bad reasons to start a church:

  1. You hated the kind of church you grew up in or worked in and want your church to be the complete opposite. That’s a reaction, not a calling.
  2. You were a youth pastor and never got freedom to make decisions so you’re going to start a church where nobody can tell you what to do.
  3. You think traditional churches are dead and useless and don’t reach anyone.
  4. All your friends in ministry are doing it.
  5. You read a book about church planting or went to a conference, and it just seems like the thing to do.
  6. You think working a regular job isn’t ministry and is beneath you.

Any others to add?  Later, I’ll write about some good reasons to start a church.


2 comments so far

  1. G. Brandon Cunningham on

    You want to be rich!

  2. Bill Reichart on

    You think NO ONE in the world is doing church or has ever done church like YOU are going to do it.

    You think pastoring your own church will earn you respect.

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