Why Start a Church – Part 2

I gave some bad reasons to start a church (and a few people left some great comments).  Today, let’s talk about some good reasons to start a church.

1.  Calling.  If you’re going to be a church planter, you better be sure about your calling (and your wife better affirm it and be willing to be a part of it).  This is a spiritual thing – you’re not starting a lemonade stand.  You’re entering into an area where people’s lives will be on the line.  The bottom line reason that I left the comforts of youth ministry was because God told me to. You need to start that church out of OBEDIENCE to God, not out of any selfish desire.  I know this is the super-spiritual answer, but it’s the truth.  Do not get into church planting because you think it’s something that suits you or because you are interested in the field.  Plant a church because God was crystal clear in his directions.

2.  Passion.  You need to see yourself doing this, and can’t imagine anything else.  You should be driven to make things happen, to learn all you can, and to soak up information.  It’s got to come from within, not some book you read or conference that you attended.  If you can picture yourself doing something else in ministry, then I’d go back to the drawing board.  Church planting is an all-inclusive thing.  I may take some heat for this, but I don’t think you can be good at it if you’re working a second job or having six side ministries going.  Passion leads to focus.

3.  Ability.  I am convinced that a lot of church plants fail because the guy who started the church was not gifted in that area.  I think to be a successful church planter you need to have the God-given ability to lead and communicate.  You need to be a leader to be a church planter.  And if you’re going to stand up in front of people every weekend to teach God’s Word, you need to be good at it.  There are some good-hearted, God-loving people who want to do something with their lives that should NOT be the main guy.  There are some church planters who should be a PART of a church plant, but not be THE guy planting the church. God wires people differently, and I think the wiring for a church planter is unique.

What else?  What are your reasons for getting into church planting?


2 comments so far

  1. Vanessa Rodriguez on

    Some good points here. I would over-emphasize the part about your spouse being willing to support you. I would even go so far as to say that your spouse should also feel the “calling”.

    When my dad started a church, my mom verbally gave her support. But I don’t think she really knew what she was getting into. Eventually, the ministry became one of the major factors contributing to their divorce.

  2. Brian Foulks on

    My man this mjor. I am also in the process of church planting right now and it is a all inclusive journey. My wife has seen all sides and after 4 years of false starts God has given a reen light of sorts. We have tried our best to ignore this calling but God has refused to allow this to happen. So we have started with and in the process and look for God to bring the increase.

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