Your Calling

I’m sure everyone that reads this blog probably already reads Gary’s blog.  But I want to give two thumbs up to this post.  I completely agree 100%.  If you’re going to plant a church, be absolutely sure about your calling.


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  1. Bill Reichart on

    I read Gary’s stuff the other day as well. It is right on the mark. It is “funny” how God works, because I was just thinking about calling when I just posted a couple of days ago a post called “The Fun-factor”. The upshot of the post is that young guys rather be youth pastors than lead pastors because it appears to be more fun…ministry may not always be fun…but if you are “Called” it is always a blast! These past two years I have had to hang on to my calling, because they have come with some unique challenges. Calling is the anchor. Calling is the rock. It is the only steady thing when life and ministry get all crazy. btw, love the new blog masthead….

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