Top Five Resources

We’ve investigated dozens of tools and sites. Here’s five things we use quite a bit.

1. For database management, we use Fellowship One. It’s web based and mac friendly. It allows us to track people, do kids check in, and follow up with guests. We have some key volunteers that can have limited access from their homes, so we assign out first time guest calls to this team, and they can connect people from home. It all integrates in the system.

2. Constant Contact. We use Constant Contact to send out bulk e-mail newsletters. We have various groups, including the general newsletter (you can sign up from our website) which goes out once a week.

3. Displays2Go. We got our outdoor flag banners, inside sign stands, and truss podium from these guys. Good stuff.

4. PsPrint. We print flyers and postcards and invite cards with these guys. Great prices and great products.

5. Church Marketing Flickr Group. Lots of design and series ideas here. Various graphic designers and church people submit their designs for peer review. I’ve saved a lot of things in my idea folder.


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