Top 5 Books for Church Planters

I’m a reader. When I stepped out of youth ministry and into church planting, I probably read a hundred books on church planting, leadership and business (starting a church plant is also starting a business, so don’t be so super-spiritual that you think you can’t learn some principles) Here’s the Top 5 Books I think church planters should read.

1. Good to Great. This is probably the best business book out there. When you hire staff, you should make them read it. You should discuss it as a team. If you’ve already done that, you should do it again. Honorable mention goes to The E-Myth.

2. Seven Practices of Effective Ministry. Think steps, clarify the win, narrow the focus…these principles are huge. This is a must read for church planters, and everyone in ministry for that matter. Honorable mention goes to Simple Church.

3. The Big Idea. Bil Cornelius writes a helpful little book that talks about a variety of practical subjects – from leadership structure to service planning.

4. The Revolutionary Communicator – as a church planter, you need to continually work on your teaching. I think this needs to be one of your driving gifts. So don’t just read to prepare for your messages, read books on how to teach. This is a one of the best. Andy Stanley and Calvin Miller also have good books on teaching and preaching.

5. The Bible.  Seriously. The Bible is the best church growth book out there. Make sure you’re actually reading God’s word, not just books about God’s word.


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