Marketing on a Budget

By no means am I professional marketer, but I have made it a point to take control of this during the first year of our church plant. I read as many marketing books as I read church leadership books. And I think we’ve done a pretty good job at getting the word out there. Here’s some tips and tricks that we’ve used.

  • Direct mail works for us for a couple of reasons. There weren’t many churches doing it here, and we’ve been committed to the strategy. You can’t just send one postcard and expect it to work. You need to do at least 6 a year to pick up traction.
  • You can learn how to do saturation mailouts and save a lot of money on direct mail. Or you can work with a company like this to save a lot of time and energy. We’ve done both.
  • Combine your best marketing (and most dollars) with your biggest felt-needs series. Most churches pull out all the stops for Easter and Christmas. You could market the heck out of a September series on the family.
  • Road signs are pretty cheap and effective on the weekends.
  • Just put basic info on things…don’t try and put all the available information. On a road sign, just one statement and a web address. It’s silly to put directions or phone numbers on road signs because people can’t write stuff down. Less is more.
  • Don’t use stock postcards. Design your own. Hire a freelancer or a college student.
  • Print your website on everything. And have a decent website.
  • You could print postcards, give 5 to all your people one Sunday, and ask them to mail them to 5 of their friends and neighbors.
  • Door hangers are another good invite tool. You could give a stack to a particular small group and ask them to distribute them in a particular neighborhood.
  • Make invite cards for every series. For $150, you can get 5,000 club cards from PsPrint. Having invite cards will also reinforce to your people that they should be inviting.
  • Sell t-shirts and your people will buy them. Then they will wear them around town, and that will reinforce the best form of marketing…word of mouth.
  • If it looks like every other church, then it’s worthless. You have to do something that’s unique, outrageous, controversial, talked about, funny, or interesting.
  • Get some marketing books and read them.
  • Make sure that when people show up to your service that it is good. Marketing something that isn’t good is bad.

Feel free to add your other tips and tricks in the comments section.


3 comments so far

  1. rick on

    thanks for sharing these strategies with the rest of us…

  2. boydbettis on

    thanks, I like them all. But, if you would kindly do, humor me. what would be the best way to spend $300.00. That is budget, the entire thing.


  3. Michael on

    invite cards and road signs.

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