Leadership Structure

The leadership structure at our church isn’t set up like most churches I know. The official structure is a little different, and even looks a little corporate. The word corporate may scare some people, but we’ve found it to be a great structure for us. I am not saying that this is the right structure for everyone, but this is how we do it.

We are a staff led church. As the Lead Pastor, I empower the staff to make day-to-day ministry decisions. These people are called, trainied, passionate and love Jesus. I am the leader of the church, and I take that position and responsibility very seriously.

We have a Board of Directors made up of other pastors and church leaders that I respect. These guys are all serious Christians and serious leaders and I value their opinion. They are leading churches, so they are able to provide practical guidance as well as look at things from 30,000 feet. They have the freedom to speak anything to me. In addition to setting my salary, I ask them for advice on a regular basis. Everybody on the Board of Directors meets the Biblical qualifications for an elder.

I also meet with a team of men from our church once a month. These guys make up an advisory team. They tell me what they are hearing and what they think. We discuss business things, service times, initiatives, etc. It’s definitely a group that I want around me to provide good counsel. I’m not afraid or offended when any of these guys points out something we could do different or better. Again, people on this team all meet the Biblical qualifications for elders.

We have a finance team that meets with our Executive Pastor to help with the finances. They look at statements, help prepare the budget and make sure things are being spent accordingly.

Finally, our staff is a team and we all value one another’s opinions. These people are all committed to our church and love Jesus. We have freedom to discuss anything, and we don’t always agree on everything. We’ll debate and discuss, but at the end of the day, we will lead from the same page. I hire like minded people – meaning that we share the same basic philosophy of the church and leadership. But everybody’s opinions is not always the same. That’s what makes a team strong.

Our staff is broken up into two teams…the Lead Team and the all-staff. Once a week, the Lead Team meets to look at big picture things, evaluate, plan, etc. The all-staff meeting is once a month. I take that time to talk about vision and leadership and everybody gives reports on their different areas.


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