Membership Class

In a couple of weeks, we are doing a one hour membership class for people that want to become official members. We’ve experimented with various formats for this, including more low-key newcomers lunches. We tried calling it a partnership class, because I like that term better, but it’s confusing to people that see it for the first time. For now, we’re just going to call it what it is…a class where the end result is that you can be a member. Sometimes, I think we get too cute with naming things or name them something based on a philosophical understanding (for example, gatherings instead of services). But most people still think of a church service as a service. Anyway…

In the class, I will tell the story of how Oak Leaf got started. Then we will take 7 minutes each and talk through the 5 G’s – the things that we want people to do. These are the things that essentially make someone a member. Our groups guy will talk about the G of groups. Our executive pastor will talk about the G of giving. I’ll hit the others. We’ll do some quick Q&A and there it is.

We are doing this right after church one Sunday – we already have childcare set up. And we provide lunch for people. At the end of the class, they can take a membership application. When they turn it in, our connections pastor signs off on it, and they are an official member.

I’ll keep you posted on how this works. Here’s a PDF of the membership application in case you’re interested.



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