What Keeps Them

In the world of food marketing, it’s been said that packaging will cause someone to buy something for the first time.  Companies spend millions and millions of dollars on packaging, carefully considering words and colors.  In a world where there are hundreds of choices for cereal, getting your bran flakes to stand out on the shelf is important.

Packaging may cause a customer to purchase something new for the first time, but the quality of the product will cause them to buy it again.  A cool box may draw their attention initially, but a good tasting cereal will cause them to make that repeat purchase.

In the world of church, “packaging” matters.  A postcard, invite card, or website may initially attract a person to your church.  It’s very important for you to get this right (which is why you should read marketing and business books).

But it’s the experience that will cause them to come back.  You can spend thousands of dollars on a direct mail to attract guests, but if they are not warmly greeted by your hospitality teams, then it’s not working.  You can promote the heck of out of a new series, but if you don’t communicate something Biblical, practical and helpful, then disappointment will set in.  Too many times, we focus on getting people here, but don’t work enough on having something meaningful for them once they are inside.  If you promise something but don’t deliver, they will be disappointed.  Sure, go the extra mile in your promotion, but be sure the taste test backs it up.


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