Inspect the System

From time to time, a guy will pull a can of peaches off the assembly line, open it up, and test it for freshness. It’s quality control…pulling some random samples to make sure the whole operation is working smoothly.

Today, Anthony and I called ten random first time guests from the month of September to check up on ourselves. We wanted to make sure they got the phone call, the personal note and the e-mail that we sent. I wanted to be sure they knew where to go if they had questions. I wasn’t checking up on them as much as I was checking up on us.

All of the people we spoke to had the experience that we hoped for. Apparently, the system that is in effect is being carried out. I’m proud of our volunteers – because much of the system on them.
What about your systems? What quality control step can you take today to make sure you’re actually doing what you’re supposed to be doing. We need to constantly evaluate our systems and make sure they are working properly.


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