What You Can Learn

Ray Krock, the guy that founded McDonalds, tried to introduce Kolacky (some kind of Bohemian pastry) and a HulaBurger (a sandwich featuring a slice of pineapple and cheese) to the menu. As you might expect, both of these menu items didn’t do so well.

Individual franchises (not the corporate company), on the other hand, were responsible for developing the Big Mac, the Egg McMuffin, the Filet O Fish sandwich. Not to mention creating the character of Ronald McDonald.

Sometimes, the people in the organization have great ideas. The problem is…we don’t give them a forum to share their ideas. I’ve gotten some great advice, feedback and ideas from people in our church. Every now and then, we get a team of volunteers together to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming series. We need to do more of these things. Who knows who is sitting there with the next great idea.


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  1. jaycurl on

    Great truth Michael…often times leaders get caught in idea tunnel vision. Sometimes the vision they have and see is defined that it is hard for them to see outside of it and hear and involve others in the idea generation.

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