Communication @ Oak Leaf Church

Here’s some principles that we try to implement at Oak Leaf Church about communication, promotion and making announcements.

1. We only announce one or two things from the stage during the service. It has to apply to the majority of the people in the room. I think if you’re making more than two announcements, you’re really making none.

2. We send out a weekly e-mail vis Constant Contact. We currently have about 600 people on our list. People can subscribe from our site. We also add people if they provide an e-mail address on a connection card.

3. About 50% of the e-mails we send are actually opened.  Constant Contact gives you some pretty helpful stats.  Don’t assume that sending an e-mail is the same as communicating.

4. I’ll generally communicate via e-mail (my preferred method of communication) with people that I know also communicate with e-mail.

5. We look for ways to communicate with the target audience. For example, we put a parent dedication sign at kids check in. That seems like a logical place. People that don’t have kids don’t need to be unnecessarily exposed to kid friendly announcements.

6. We send letters and postcards from various ministries to targeted mailing lists inside our church. Parents of kids will get a letter from the preschool director. Figure out ways to communicate to the people that need to know – don’t waste communications capital when a targeted announcement will do the trick.

7. When we start a new series, we will usually do a mass mail out to the community OR a postcard mailout to our entire database.

8. We use preservice slides in the service to announce events. When we are making an announcement live, we always make sure there is a corresponding graphic.

9. We give out a weekly handout with information. I would not announce everything that is happening, but highlight the most important things. We’ve used a 8.5×11 handout with printed info on the inside. We’ve also custom printed them for a whole series from

10. We try our best to funnel people to our website. That means we try hard to keep it up to date and put the correct information there. We have a long way to go, but everyone in Cartersville isn’t web friendly.

11. For important things (like our move to Woodland), we’ll use one of those automated phone services to send a recorded messages to our entire phone list. is pretty easy to use and it seems to be cost effective. I would not over use this.

12. For really important things (there shouldn’t be a really important thing every week), we’ll use as many mediums as possible. Letters, phone calls, personal e-mails, e-mail blasts, videos in the service, etc. But you have to be careful not to do this for every event or ministry, or else it will quit working.


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    Great post! I really enjoy your blog.

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