Anti Conference Details

Okay, there seems to be a good deal of interest in this this. I’m thinking maybe of a Wednesday/Thursday – Saturday sometime in April or May of 08. (After Easter) Here’s my top five choices at the moment for the location.

  • Boston – one of my favorite cities, cool old stuff
  • Baltimore – never been there
  • Philly – been a long time since I’ve been there, but I hear it’s fun
  • Miami – a sunny option and Cuban food
  • Vegas – probably the cheapest travel and hotel option, lots to do.

Again, I’m thinking of a lose topical organization, maybe some round tables over meals, lots of hangout time, and some things to do with wives. Learning, vacation and networking all in one.


7 comments so far

  1. jambrew on

    Baltimore is my first choice. Second would be Boston.

  2. boydbettis on

    Boston would be the first choice. Baltimore is the second choice.

    No to Miami and Vegas.

    Thursday to Saturday seems the best.

    This seems to be more of a ‘Vacation with Strangers: with lots of good discussion’ than a conference. I am digging the format.

  3. Derek on

    I’m digging Boston: never been, always wanted to go. And in the middle of ball season? Are you kidding me? Philly would be my second, then Baltimore. I’m with boydbettis on no Miami or Vegas.

    Like the format too.

  4. Derek on

    One more thing on location: if it’s in Boston, how about a brewery/brewhouse? I might get some flack for that, but it’d definitely be cool. Samuel Adams and Harpoon are both from Beantown. Sorry, I’m a beer geek.

  5. travis johnson on

    Go for the more tropical Miami setting and I’ll hook up some snorkeling/fishing the reef. And, that’s the most economical option for me. 🙂

  6. Anthony Foxworth on

    Boston is great!

  7. Josh Roberts on


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