If You Were Going to Plant a Church…

…where would you go?  What city, town or zip code needs a new church?  Where is there a huge opportunity to make an impact on the Kingdom?


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  1. erickyp on

    I honestly believe, like I am pretty sure you do, that small town America is being overlooked by church planting organizations yet produces so much fruit. Also, if small town America is continually overlooked, we will one day reach critical conditions for the need of Life giving churches in those communities and not just rural religion that changes no ones life.
    In addition, I believe a fatal error in many church planters is to pick the urban community to start a new church while underestimating how saturated most urban markets are with new modern churches. While the community of 14,000 is hungry for a new modern church and has the population to support it.
    I discovered this quite by accident as we were drawn back to our hometown of 14,000 people to launch a church and have grown to over 400 in 2 years. And then I look at the success of Oak Leaf, Revolution and other north GA church plants and they support my theory.

  2. Will Henderson on

    Brisbane, Australia! Desperately needs modern churches planted that will present the unchanging message in the Gen X & Y’s language and culture.

  3. Chris on

    Just about anywhere in Canada.

  4. roger ferrell on

    There are 20 cities in Canada with populations over 10,000 people with NO evangelical church. There’s a place with great need and opportunity.

  5. Derek on

    While small towns need Christ, cities influence culture. Change the cities, change the world. 4th century Rome taught us that one. So here’s my places:

    Washington DC (Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights area). It is about to explode demographically, already has culturally, with no church presence there.

    Philly. How many churches are there? Boston is the same way.

    Raleigh-Durham area. Exploding demographically and culturally, and is one of the centers of the New South.

    New Orleans. The reasons for this should be obvious.

    Savannah, GA. Would take a different type of church, but they need more great churches. Charleston, SC is similar in culture here.

    San Francisco. Obvious why.

  6. Tony Villatoro on

    Houston, Tx!

    We got 2 megachurhces here, Lakewood (Joel Osteen) and Second Baptist Church (Ed Young Sr).

    But… it is such a huge city that so many people are still lost.
    God will open doors.

  7. Boyd Bettis on

    Jacksonville, FL – that’s the plan, but is up for change.

  8. josh roberts on

    Oceanside California – even the surfers need a place to hear the word.

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