Show me the money…

Church finances are a lot more then balancing the checkbook. Anyone can add up all of the expenses and see how much money is left over in the bank. At Oak Leaf Church we are just too new to have accurate starting numbers for anything other then salary, so we had to do a lot of guessing. With that said, we felt like one of the most helpful things we could do would be to creating spending procedures.

None of the following are brain-buster ideas, but they do provide a starting point if anyone is starting a business, starting a church, or trying to impress their boss.

The basic outline for the plan, was to give people a ministry budget as a guide. We knew that people would want to spend their money at the same time, so in order to have enough cash we gave them guidelines. We said that they could spend their budgets at their leisure, but it would be weighted toward strategic times of the year when they would likely want to do events to build their ministry. First of the year, Easter, right before school starts and Thanksgiving/Christmas are all key times.

The last caution was that it all might not go according to plan, so if the money doesn’t come it (we based our budget on a 12% increase) then they would have to get creative.

More later, we still have to see if it works like we hope, but for more details click here.

Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor


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