Community Events

dsc09896.jpgLast week, we put a float in our town’s Christmas Parade.  It’s the second year in a row we did this.  Last year, we build a replica of the movie theater where we met; this year we put our band on the float to promote our community Christmas Eve Eve concert.  Our people walked beside the float and passed out over 4,000 invite cards.

Rather than organize our own outreach events all the time (like fall festivals), we like to look for things already going on in the community and just partner.  We always set up a booth at a big 4th of July thing in the park, we give out candy for Downtown Trick or Treating, we participate in the car shows.  There’s so many events going here – it’s more effective for us to show up at these things rather than start from scratch.  Instead of planning your own Fall Festival, what if you just called up a local elementary school and offered to make theirs better?


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  1. pastormarty on

    Thanks for the idea.

  2. pastormarty on

    Quick question. What program did you use to write your 2007 Oak Leaf Church annual report?

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