Top Givers

I haven’t been blogging like I should or like I want to lately. Instead, I have been using all of my brain power planning for 2008 and figuring out how we end this year on a high note. We felt that our final series of the year should be powerful and that it should make a statement that we are even more serious about reaching people next year.

With that said, we created a little thank-you package for those who give to OLC to let them know that we appreciate them, but hopefully communicate that we aren’t taking it too seriously.

We are sending all of them a thank you letter from Michael, a trophy, and a book. These are not incredibly valuable items, but the personal touch and the effort is our attempt to tell them we appreciative each of their contributions. Our trophy says, “I give to Oak Leaf and all I got was this lousy trophy.” A copy of the letter can be found here and the book is “In A Pit With A Lion on a Snowy Day,” by Mark Batterson.

Just some ideas to thank people in a creative way 🙂

Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor


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  1. Will Henderson on

    Hey Michael and Anthony, just wanted to say thanks for sharing the stuff that you do. As a young pastor it’s great to have my thinking and practices sharpened by the Oak Leaf Team. It’s awesome that even though I’m in Australia, I can be mentored by you!
    Merry Christmas,

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